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ILMA company

Mission: to provide the clients with unique opportunities of effective equipment sealing

ILMA company is:

  • engineer and manufacturer of high-efficient sealing materials of a “premium” class
  • Russian leader in the area of innovative sealing technologies
  • experience in the sealing market since 1994
  • a personnel of innovative professionals who focus on the search of new effective decisions in sealing

Company profile:

  • development, production and delivery of high-efficient sealing materials GraFlan® and Ilma®
  • product and scientific research in the field of sealing technology
  • scientific research and development (R&D)
  • new products development
  • conducting of technical projects feasibility studies
  • engineering
  • quality control
  • consulting
  • joint products sale

ILMA’s competitive advantages:

  • intellectual base (patents, trade marks, construction documentation, know-how)
  • production potential (unique machines, complete cycle of seals production)
  • use of environmentally safe materials
  • application of non-waste technologies
  • highly qualified personnel
  • certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Company address:

10 (letter “И”), Kolomyazhskiy prospect,
St. Petersburg,197348, Russia

tel./fax in Russia: +7 812 326 6018

cell in USA: +1 832 213 9674