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Flange tape GraFlan® FL-PL-002 (5)
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Description: flange tape made from sheet of expanded graphite, reinforced with stainless steel (002) or copper (005) belt, coated with expanded PTFE

Typical applications:

  • flanges and pipe fittings
  • jointing flanges of valves, machines, devices, mechanisms and reservoirs
  • flange joints of with irregular surfaces (both shapes and sizes)


  • non-waste technology: alternative to the gasket cutting from sheet materials
  • universality and usability
  • using in the wide range of working environments including corrosive
  • resistance to cyclic loads
  • increased anti-stick properties
  • possibility to form complex sealing on irregular surfaces
  • high creep resistance by the use of the reinforcing layer
  • adhesive coat to make the assembly easier

Temperature: from - 60°С to + 260°С
pH range: 0-14 (including strong oxidizers)
Pressure: up to 10 MPa
Standard sizes:

width - 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 mm
thickness - 2,1 mm