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Packing GraFlan® SN-PL
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Description: packing of square section, braided from expanded graphite fiber, reinforced with cotton or synthetic yarns, coated with expanded PTFE

Packing GraFlan ® SN-PL
Typical applications:

  • valves
  • pumps
  • different machines and devices


  • outstanding resistance to cyclic loads
  • low friction coefficient
  • tightness even in worn packing glands
  • absence of structural rupture of material in cut place
  • the following effects are minimized:
    - thermal and power adhesion to the surface
    - corrosive attack on details of connection
    - working environment filtration

Temperature: from - 60°С to + 260°С

pH range: 0-14 (including strong oxidizers)


valves - up to 20 MPa

pumps - up to 3,5 MPa

Velocity speed:

valves - up to 2 m/s

pumps - up to 10 m/s

Standard sizes: from 3x3 mm to 30x30 mm