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Paddle blind GraFlan® MFL
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Description: non-expendable interflange blind device with the durable base made from stainless steel and double faced sealing layers


Typical applications - flat-faced flanges of:

  • gas-, water-, heat network pipelines
  • technological pipelines in chemical and oil-processing industry



  • application - shutting-down pipelines when servicing
  • the following sealing material types are available:
    - GraFlan® (expanded graphite coated by glass-cloth laminate)
    - PTFE
    - silicon rubber
  • elasticity and cyclic loads resistance owing to the additional expanded graphite bottom layer

Temperature: from - 60°С to + 260°С
Standard sizes:

DN up to 400 for PN up to 1,6 MPa

DN up to 300 for PN up to 2,5 MPa

DN up to 250 for PN up to 4,0 MPa