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GraFlan® is a unique high technology. In fact it is a system innovation and a new fundamental development in sealing which opens a wide range of usage opportunities not only in the seals but also in the joint products. The GraFlan® technology substance is combining the advantages of two modern materials – expanded graphite and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – by covering graphite base with expanded PTFE tape. The application of expanded graphite sealing products is limited in some corrosive media. PTFE seals have outstanding chemical resistance but at the same time they have low rates of elasticity. GraFlan® technology, minimizing imperfections of these materials, allows creating seals with unique operating characteristics. The expanded graphite base provides elasticity and resistance to cyclic loads. The PTFE coating eliminates corrosion effect on the sealing surfaces, provides resistance to the corrosive media, increases plasticity, anti-stick and ecological properties of the sealing products. The GraFlan® seals and joint products have already proved themselves as the reliable means of sealing for detachable joints of the industrial equipment. During 3 years these sealing products were successfully tested by the companies-leaders of the Russian and European power system and industry. The quality of GraFlan® sealing products has been supported by all the required documents, including the sanitary certificates. The GraFlan® technology has been patented.