i Flange Gasket GraFlan® S.W.A.T FL-PL-005 <

Flange Gasket GraFlan® S.W.A.T FL-PL-005
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Flange Gasket GraFlan® SWAT FL-PL-005

Description: non-expendable flange gasket made from sheet of expanded graphite reinforcing with perforated steel belt, coated with expanded PTFE, equipped with a stainless steel device for installing and removing


Typical applications:

  • flanges and pipe fittings
  • jointing flanges of valves, pumps and heat exchangers


  • increased anti-stick properties
  • bolt load retention: pressure limiting device makes gasket’s over-tightening and destructing impossible
  • using in the wide range of working environments including corrosive
  • using at elevated pressure and cyclic loads
  • quick removing process by the of use of stainless steel holder beyond the flange connection
  • the re-use ability up to 4 times
  • service life – not less than 15 years

Temperature: from - 60°С to + 260°С

pH range: 0-14 (including strong oxidizers)

Pressure: up to 16 MPa

Standard sizes:
DN from 25 to 700 mm
Gasket thickness3,5 mm